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Clarinet Concerto - Peacock Tales (Millenium version)

Liquid Marble / Lahti Symphony Orchestra

lontana in sonno - Anne Sofie von Otter

Brass Quintet - Stockholm Chamber Brass

Esa-Pekka Salonen on "Sirens," Anders Hillborg and Betty Freeman

Six Pieces for Wind Quintet - University of Michigan Bassoon Studio

Cold Heat - Royal Stockholm Philharmonic

Anders Hillborg: Composer in Residence - NDR Sinfonieorchester

Paulinesisk Procession

Ein Komponist für alle Fälle
Hamburg Journal - 03.03.2016

Martin Fröst plays Peacock Tales

Brass Quintet - Ensemble Schwerpunkt

Quicksand Bouncing from Heisenberg Minitures - The Dahlkvist Quartet